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About Surya Panel


Welcome to a world of beautiful flooring from the technological innovation of laminate flooring. To meet all your taste, Surya Click guarantees a beautiful floor that is easy to install,maintain and durable enough to handle the challenges of everyday life. Surya Panel manufacturing plant is located at the Serene foothills of South-Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

We are the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of HDF Laminate Flooring having the patented right from 5G Valinge Technology

From natural raw to uber modern patterns, Surya Click laminate flooring helps to create your own personal living space. The new decor collection features beautiful designs with characterful swirls, subdued shafts, cracks and knots to bring you the look of true-to-nature wood. Surya Click laminate flooring brings radiance and versatility, designed to meet any decore.

The presentation of real hard wood is maintained through top quality fibres and resins, to provide high resistance and increased durability. The revolutionary click system is a good starting point to think about selecting the type of design to turn your rooms into country, modern, classical or vintage style. With inbuilt facility and made from natural available resources, Surya Click an eco-friendly product.

Surya Click laminate flooring HDF Laminate Flooring are designed to cater to your various applications.

Surya Click

Surya Click presents to you an assortment of premium laminate flooring solutions that are bound to sweep you off your feet. With our manufacturing plant located at the serene foothills of the South-Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Surya Panel takes pride in being the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of the best Manufacture of HDF Laminate Flooring.

From patterns that are simple and create a vintage impression, to the classic contemporary ones, These elegant décor collection features beautiful designs with characterful swirls, subdued shafts, cracks, and knots which bring out the striking true-to-nature hard wooden flooring look. All these extraordinary patterns are exclusively designed to meet each minor requirement of the residential wood flooring as well as the office wood flooring. What’s more is that these designs are available in a wide range of grades including AC3, AC4, AC5 Wood Flooring.

In addition to this, Surya Click’s 5G Valinge Technology, with its innovative ‘one-click’ method is both, time-saving and cost-efficient. The strength of the locking system not only makes the flooring more durable but also ensures quick installation and an impeccable finish. This revolutionary flooring technology is unquestionably your one-stop solution for stunning maintenance-free floor designs.

WHY Surya Click?

Surya Click HDF Laminate Flooring ensures the use of only top-quality fibres and resins, therefore making it barely distinguishable from the actual hardwood – in both look and feel. Since wooden flooring can easily fall prey to moisture and humidity, these moisture-resistant laminate floor planks undoubtedly provide for a perfect opportunity to purchase laminate flooring. Moreover, these textured laminate flooring solutions resist the daily wear and tear and last comparatively longer. The ‘Single Click’ method makes the entire process of installation hassle-free while also guaranteeing sturdiness. All these innumerable features available across a range of coloured laminate flooring, can easily be obtained at an affordable rate as compared to the wooden flooring costs. Hence, these eco-friendly laminate wood flooring options are a storehouse of unique properties and definitely have a distinctive offering to satisfy each of your needs.

Real Wood Impressions
Surya Click laminate wooden flooring replicate the exact look and feel of the real hard wood. The highly detailed photographic properties simulate the colour, grain and texture of the natural material and bring out the true-to-nature wood finish.
Outstanding Durability
The remarkable strength of the materials fused together in a unique lamination process makes Surya Click extremely sturdy. These floorboards feature protective layers that resist wearing, staining and fading while simultaneously preserving it from scratches and dents.
Easy Installation
Surya Click brings the country’s first ‘click-lock’ design that securely locks without nails or glue. This advanced system enables a smart flooring application and saves time on installation while also providing the sound absorption feature for a quieter environment.
Beautiful Styles
Surya Click laminate flooring sets the stage for your dream space. With a curation of authentic wood designs and textures, it is the go-to option for anyone looking to create a beautiful home. From country patterns to contemporary designs, Surya Click has a collection which offers something for everyone.