Surya Click

Surya Click is a Direct Pressure Laminated (DPL) Plantation Wood based HDF flooring having a homogenous construction with an uniform density of approximately 800 kg/m3 resulting in uniform physical & mechanical properties across the dimensions of the board.

In any flooring, the locking system is the heart & the most important element that determines the success of flooring both in terms of weight bearing capacity, strength of the locking profile, longevity & the finish of the flooring. Surya click laminate flooring uses the unique 5G VALINGE TECHNOLOGY CLICK SYSTEM.


SURYA CLICK flooring is specially designed for domestic application & will standup to consistent daily foot traffic – Ideal for Bed Rooms/Family Rooms/Drawing Rooms/Hotel Rooms. It is classified as AC3.


SURYA CLICK flooring is a perfect choice for busy boutiques/cafes/shops/showrooms/offices with medium to high medium foot traffic. It is classified as AC4.


SURYA CLICK flooring is best suited for heavy foot traffic in commercial properties. It is classified as AC5.

If you are looking out for the elite range of HDF laminate flooring, you should be looking out for SURYA CLICK.
SURYA CLICK brings you the latest designs to make your home and dwelling units a smarter living space.
SURYA CLICK laminated flooring is a versatile product, comes with HDF synchronized flooring with textures, embossed in plates to give you versatile finishes.
Our product reach is driven by an extensive distribution network across India, focused to serve customer requirements.


Surya Click laminate floors are now available in 34 Decors with 6 finishes, meeting all big plans for mega cities.Today 54% of the world’s population dwells in urban areas and that number is expected to rise at 75% by 2050. Surya Click flooring is geared up to meet up these requirement of modern dwelling and commercial space in a more smarter,healthier and happier way.
We at SURYA CLICK have selectively designed our products in various finishes.
Our natural wood flooring is not only beautiful, but also reliable and as easy to install as our laminate that comes with the latest 5G Valinge technology.