Innovation that saves your time.

Surya Click brings you the smartest flooring system for an easy installation. The 5G system, as referred, is an advanced locking system to install laminate floor planks with the 'Single Click' method.
The locking system has the conventional long side, but initiates on the short side by a simple folding down movement that provides a robust and glue free laminate flooring for all types and widths.

‘ Saves 50% of your time on installation with no tools required to achieve the perfect balance ’

Valinge has the best-patented technology in flooring applications and 5G is the latest addition to their extensive portfolio. Since 1993, they have been the center of the industry through licensing sharing the knowledge and art to considerably improve the quality of flooring and the lives surrounding it.
The 5G locking system is the fastest and the easiest method to install laminate flooring. It saves 50% of time on installation compared to other locking systems. And, Surya Click offers this innovative, time and cost saving technology with an extensive collection of laminate designs.
Our focus is to serve high quality flooring product with wide range of designs for residential and commercial applications.
Our collection of wooden flooring includes laminate flooring with 5G valinge technology on trend design to suit every owner’s unique needs.
Our production norms meet all stringent quality as per international standards.